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Our bedrooms should be a place of sanctuary, zen and relaxation.  They are a place to unwind after a long day.  When you walk into your bedroom, does it bring you peace? A well dressed bed can do that and includes beautiful pillows!

  • When it comes to bed pillows, what is the proper way to decorate a bed?
  • How many pillows are appropriate or how many are too much?
  • How many before your partner starts complaining that it takes too long to make or unmake the bed?

Have any of you heard this before?  I certainly have…..but everyone knows that I am pillow obsessed and that includes my bed!

Sometimes the best decorating is the easiest, don’t overthink it. Beautiful fabrics on bed pillows make their own statement.  There are countless ways to style your bed. There are options in the way you place the cushions, but also in the selection of the pillows and the fabrics.  White or colorful plain fabric, striped, patterned or floral?  You could highlight a color from your walls, your bedding or your drapery by selecting a coordinating color in your pillows. It’s really a matter of personal preference.

When arranging the bed pillows, the rule of thumb is to start big at the back and work your way forward with smaller pillows.  For example, on a king size bed, picture three euro size pillows in the back, two king size shams in front and one long bolster or lumbar pillow.  As an alternative, you can use two of our giant pillows in place of three euros in the back. At bedtime, this combination is easy to stash for some serious shut-eye.

Stop by our studio and ask us about our giant pillows.  Let us help you design your perfect bed for your sanctuary, and you can start your own pillow shuffle each morning and night,  Zzzz’s!

Sweet dreams…

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