Let’s not talk about beautiful pillows this month, let’s talk Poufs! Is it a cushion? Is it a seat? Is it an ottoman? Yes, it is that and so much more! A pouf is a versatile furnishing that is often used for extra seating, and it can do double duty as a table or footrest as well. You may not realize how many other perks a pouf can bring to your home. We’re often much more bold and daring when it comes to our accent furnishings than large pieces like the sofa and the pouf is one way to do that. A pouf is multi-faceted and here are some ways it can enhance your home.

Extra Seating:

An obvious use for poufs is to provide extra seating! Some can tuck right under a coffee table in your living room. You can pull them out when you have company and need extra seating. This is especially helpful in finding seating for your small spaces.

Side or Coffee Table:

Poufs can make excellent tables. Place one next to a seating area and put a tray on top for drinks or other essentials. Use two poufs together in front of a sofa to serve as a fabulous coffee table.


Poufs are ideal footrests! Move them around the room and place them as close to your sofa or chair as you wish, they are easy to move and comfortable for your feet.

Kids Rooms:

Poufs can make a fun addition to a kids bedroom. They can come in many exciting colors and patterns. You can place books or toys on them. It also provides additional seating and doesn’t take up a great deal of space. Throw them in the corner by a window for a little reading nook.


Pair two poufs at the end of your bed instead of a bench. It provides a place to set your robe or sit on while you put on your shoes.

Poufs provide sculptural interest to any room. They can be round, cylindrical or cube-like. They are often woven, braided or crocheted and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Let us help you create a custom pouf for your home. Make sure to stop by our new showroom and see all of the Poufs I have hidden around!


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