Raise your hand if you’ve begun your spring cleaning… My hand isn’t raised, but it will be soon.  And you can be sure that Lemon oil will be part of my cleaning routine.  Nothing freshens up a house like lemon, and nothing cleans like it either.

Did you know that Lemon oil can dissolve permanent marker?  and easily eliminate soap scum?  But be careful…Lemon can also destroy finishes (let’s remember that its nature is to destroy impurities) and other non-natural household surfaces.  You can actually find videos online of lemon oil dissolving a styrofoam cup.  So be sure you are using glass spray bottles and stainless steel buckets when cleaning with Lemons or Lemon Oil and dilute appropriately.  Then take a deep breath and enjoy the smell of CLEAN!

We here at MAISON know the power of Lemon, so next time you stop in, you’ll likely be offered some lemon water, and plenty of smiles to go!

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