Essential Oils are everywhere these days.  It seems near impossible to scroll through facebook, go shopping or even watch TV without a mention of essential oils.  And you and/or someone in your circle of friends has probably tried an essential oil.  Or 2, or 3…

What is most important to remember, however, is that there are MANY different companies that sell oils, and no two oil companies are alike.  Not all oils are created equal.

If you did a quick search, you could easily discover that some brands specifically say “not for internal use”, while others, if the right oils are used properly, can be very beneficial by ingesting them with water or in capsules.  This should be a clear indication that two bottles of the same herbal oil could not possibly be the same.

I am aware that several, if not all of the essential oil companies will claim “100% pure.”  However, the FDA’s regulations on the use of that phrase has left some room for questions.  For example, I was once told that a pot of coffee, mixed with three other pots of plain water is still “pure” coffee, but definitely not the same as that first pot of coffee by itself.

My advice is this: Do your own research!  Before I started to use oils as a part of my wellness journey over 3 years ago, I did plenty of research.  I talked to friends who were using them, I read blogs, and I looked up different company websites to see what they said about themselves.  My decision was a well-educated one, and I have never been disappointed by my company of choice.

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Karen Pattee