What are you hoping for this Christmas?  The newest iphone? A larger TV? An InstaPot? As our culture has grown more and more focused on “things” rather than people and experiences, it makes we wonder how we would handle a simpler holiday.

My mom still remembers how, as a girl, on Christmas morning she would find an orange in the bottom of her stocking.  She and her siblings never got a lot of presents, but they always enjoyed the tradition of oranges in stockings.

A few years ago I started the tradition of making cinnamon rolls for my kids on Christmas morning.  Now, they won’t let me do without!  And I love the pine tree in my back yard that allows me to still have a little green in the middle of our long Cleveland winters.

The scents that say Christmas to me are a lovely blend of orange, cinnamon and pine.  I’ll put those three in the diffuser and when I smell that combination, it fills me with the joy of simplicity at Christmas.


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