As an Interior Designer I love exploring  all avenues about home and what makes up a calm and comfortable lifestyle, whether it is setting a formal table for dinner or just preparing a steamy pot of soup on a cold snowy night to enjoy by the fire with family and friends. I have always enjoyed cooking and in fact my first experience was in Fort Polk Louisiana where I was doing Basic Training for the Army Reserve in the summer of 1970.

I was to be trained as an army cook. My first day in the kitchen I was told I would be preparing Lasagna for lunch. The mess hall Sargent showed me the ingredients, orange cheese, ketchup and noodles. Being an Italian growing up in Jersey City, I was shocked and said I couldn’t do it that way and after a few go rounds he agreed to send out for everything I needed to make a sauce and some Mozzarella cheese. To the great satisfaction of the Officers I was assigned to the kitchen permanently and therefore excused from many basic training exercises so I could hone my culinary skills. So I began to bake breads, cakes, muffins, cookies; I didn’t realize how much a part this would be in my life.

Now that I have joined the team at Maison by Paysage, I regularly prepare some baked goods and bring it to the studio for all to enjoy including our clients. Here is something simple yet wonderfully delicious.

This is one of my favorites from Martha Stewart’s CAKES

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