I think everyone has a few things whether it’s for the kitchen, personal care products, flea market or travel finds that they feel enriches their life or aids in regular tasks that they can’t live without.

As I have become more entrenched in a regular baking schedule for Maison as we try to create our lifestyle experience for our clients as well as stroll in shoppers.So I find myself in the kitchen at least one night a week discovering recipes for cakes, morning breads even flans for special occasions. This brings me to my must have five things as I bake on Friday evenings while sipping a tall refreshing cocktail.

1) Kitchenaid Mixer: This is such a pleasure to work with as an Interior Designer the aesthetic design is so classic and visually makes my task a pleasure. Functionally this baby can do it all from mixing to making ice cream and pasta if you have the necessary attachments. There are quite a few attachments and these will free up space in the small appliance cabinet in your home depending on what attachments you purchase. Function should be number one in any form of design but it was the look that had me at hello. The performance of this mixer is the best it mixes, beats and whips making the task at hand a total pleasure and moves me quickly through the baking preparation process. I could not, would not live without it, as I consider purchasing an Airstream travel trailer this is at the top of the list claiming a spot on the limited counter space, as I will bake no matter where I am.

2) Pyrex Glass Double Boiler: They don’t make this great piece any longer so you will have to find it on Ebay, Pinterest, or at a flea market. Mine was purchased on Ebay for $109 dollars and to me it’s worth every penny. I had bought one for my brother as a gift in 1976. I was living with him temporarly when I graduated and was working in Gimbels department store that Christmas. Money was tight so I did’t get one for myself and they were dropped from the Pyrex line before I thought to get one. I have two Bain Marie’s which work beautifully but I so missed seeing the water heat up has I prepared Hollandaise Sauce, or anything that requires a double boiler. This is something that brings me back to a simpler time whenever I put it on the stove top.

3) Offset Icing Spatula: A perfect item for smoothing out your batter in the cake pan before slipping it in the oven or just icing your layer cake.

4) Traditional Flour Sifter: Do not talk to me about anything else this is the one! Gently turn the handle and the ingredients mix together drifting softly in to the waiting mixing bowl like an early winter snowfall.

5) Bundt Pan: Got to have at least one as it can make the simplest cake recipe look special for everyday or events. Its the architecture of the pan that gives the cake a strong design presence just simple glaze or powdered sugar says you’ve gone to some effort to make this desert and the visual is such an important element in our everyday living experience.

David Mamet wrote a play about real estate salesmen selling properties that were suspect in Florida. The salesmen would would do cold calling to round up the potential sales. Alec Baldwin was the heavy in this play constantly hammering the salesmen with the phrase “Always be closing.“

Well as a designer my mantra is “Always be Styling.”

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