I can’t tell you how often we hear:

“I’m not sure what my space needs, but it definitely needs something”.

Sometimes that is certainly the case. But some of the time, we tell our clients,

“Actually, it needs less”

This can sometimes throw folks for a loop but there is an old adage in fashion that says before you leave the house for a night on the town, take one accessory off. This is also true for our homes. Removing a few accessories or even art work from a “problem area” and starting fresh can also expose the fact that we’ve simply over accessorized. Editing can make a world of difference to how a space feels and functions and when done slowly and methodically, can be a fun peaceful practice to allow your home to better reflect its personality as well as your own.

So find that trouble spot, give it good reset and you just might find that its beauty has been simply hiding underneath.



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