There are many theories and ideologies about how a space should be designed and what it should convey. Words like “traditional” “transitional” and “modern” come to mind. There is a few more seemingly exotic theories like the well known Feng Shui and the lesser known practice of minimalism called Wabi Sabi (If  you haven’t seen it, google it. It’s fascinating).

But sometimes all these rules and ideologies miss the point and can actually limit the creativity in which all great design is dependent. There are as many ways to make a house a home as there are houses and people. In fact, exactly as many.

An empty space, just like all of us, is always full of potential, full of possibilities, can be anything we want it to be and is usually in continuous development. So always leave a little room for growth, for evolution, for adjustments. Like life, there is never really a final design, a concrete rigid goal.
Making your house a home should be an exercise in continuous self expression, not just furniture arrangement.  We believe that homes and spaces are like gardens, they are really never finished.

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