Well, it’s here. It’s really really here! Spring is upon us and it may sound strange for us to say this but… GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!

Studies show that fresh air, sunshine, walking barefoot in the grass and so many other activities that we can all do now that old man winter has seen himself to the door, are incredibly beneficial to our over all well being. So go get yourself some outside time! When you’re refreshed those around you will be too. It’s a time where we get to see the proof of life here in Cleveland and it’s Magical!

When it comes to your home, open your windows, get some indoor flowers and greenery. Bring the outside in a little. When some of that magic isn brought indoors and it’s makes powerful change to any interior.

We’d love to see pictures of your favorite “Spring Thing” at your house. Post it on our FB page and we might put it in the next newsletter!

In the meantime, if you’re out and about in a beautiful spring day and happen to be enjoying beautiful Rocky River, we sure would love to see you! Our door will be open allllll season!

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