“I’ll know what it is when I see it.” “My room needs something, but not sure what.” Or, “I don’t know how big my room is.” Sound familiar?

Be prepared to make wise choices or prepare to make some costly mistakes.  “I ordered my sofa and in less than a year I knew I made a mistake… now I’m stuck.  I keep buying <stuff> and it just doesn’t help.  The sofa already looks old!”


Whether you are just starting to freshen your house, starting from scratch, or now trying to fix what you have broken, educate yourself and prepare to go looking for solutions and styles BEFORE finding yourself in the “Buying Spiral”.

Where to start? The internet, of course, is easiest.  Sites like Pinterest and Houzz can help you better define what you DO want (colors, styles, room arrangements, wall decor, etc) and also can help you determine what you DON’T want.

Take pictures of your existing rooms, your furnishings, your stuff. Take measurements of everything. Take photos. TAKE TIME.

Then, go out and find the right shop that looks somewhat like what you discovered about your needs. Bring all your research with you. Find the right person that will not “sell you” but, rather, “help you buy” the right solutions.  You’ll know when its right. Remember, this is YOUR home. ABOUT TIME.

You can’t buy TIME but you can buy TIMELESS and things of Quality have no fear of TIME.

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