A bed by maison maison is something special. It is clean, uncluttered, inviting and soft to the touch.

Use a feather bed for maximum cushiness. Then secure it to the mattress with a fitted sheet. Then add your fitted sheet on which you sleep. This is the secret to a 5 star bed. It feels smoother and more comfortable with 2 fitted sheets. Make sure the bed skirt grazes the floor, but doesn’t drag on the floor.

Make sure the skirt deck is tucked in.  Use another fitted sheet to cover the box springs if it shows. Layer, layer then layer some more!  Sheets, blankets, coverlets and/or duvets. A throw on top of the bed is another way to introduce texture.

At maison maison we use 2 sleeping pillows stacked on top of each other, European style.  Then in front of that, we place 2 Big Pillows (they are actually a thing!  36×28) in a coordinating color.  On a queen bed, we use 2 euros.  In front of that, place a long body pillow.  This makes for a clean, uncluttered “bed scape” without wearing you out by merely getting ready for bed!

Feather inserts for the decorative pillows hold their shape best and have some weight.

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