On our recent buying trip, I wandered off the beaten paths with our shop dog Elli and discovered a remotely located old factory being refurbished into a boutique hotel with a large courtyard containing “socially responsible” shop keepers of beautiful goods and unique finds from all over the globe.

They welcomed us with open arms, water and bones as we were greeted by their property cat “Doug”. So kind! Their collections of objet’d art were fascinating, but one curiosity caught my. Eye. We called it: BALI – a token of kindness.

In todays world, one of our many needs is more kindness amongst all peoples everywhere. But it starts with each one of us one kindness at a
time. There are random acts of kindness as well as everyday courtesies like holding a door open or helping a stranger, passing it forward or even just a smile at the right time of need. I believe that all people have good and the ability to show kindness — we just need more.


I bought all the Bali’s they had and brought them to the studio promising I would be back for more as the bell for kindness will ring loud.

How can a small business at Beachcliff Market Square make a difference in the world? —-

Bali – A Token of Kindness is a great gift for someone special. A gift that can celebrate and also remind that kindness matters. Family, friends, your home, you and even strangers deserve a token of kindness.

“YOU must be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi

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