The best home interior styles that really work are interpretations of “all styles considered”. Extremely rare is the person or their interiors that fit neatly into a box.  Rarely are we starting from scratch.  If we did start from scratch, we would be adding to an original plan due to many things —impulse buying, gifting, vacation buying, or merging other things, etc, etc. STOP … save time… save money… do it right the first time or from this time forward.  STOP… everything you need, (yes, the perfect things) do exist. Slow down… Be patient!

Lots of people sell sofas, lamps… things. All have quality stories, style stories, price stories, etc. They could easily all blur together into a large lump.  But, you need to buy things not to HAVE things nor buy things because these things profess to be the best or lowest or largest.  You buy things to give you the LIFESTYLE you want and deserve so that your home interior works for you.

So be smart!  Keep it simple.

Start with a plan.  Work with someone who is very  experienced and knowledgeable, who relates to you as a person, who understands the lifestyle you desire, who is fun to work with, as well as sensitive, approachable, and trustworthy.  Your plan should have an established budget, have nice to dos, should dos, must dos, eventually dos.  (Designer note: bubble plan, space plan, evaluators / owners of decisions appropriately present and accounted for) Your plan should be complete yet flexible, always layered with PEOPLE as the FIRST layer.  Your plan is your path to success. (Designer note: texture, shape, balance, form, color) Your plan should meld the interior architecture thru the details of style.  Keep it simple.

In order to make a style plan, find out who you are… really.  First, some research!  Go to Pinterest, Houzz and magazines. Make files with pictures that you love without too much over thinking.  You will eventually see a thread running through all the pics and “voila”, you will see your own sense of style emerge!  Study and refine what you have collected. (Designer note:These files will be extremely important as they open a style window.)

Keep it simple. Do it once. Do it right. And then enjoy your lifestyle in a home that truly reflects you, and as always, have fun with Dick and Jane Marquard

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