I was asked once, “How can a small Interiors studio in rocky river make a difference in the lives of many, many people across the globe?” Well, for over 32 years we have attempted to do just that. Our network of customers and friends now is very much global and spans 4 generations of families. Throughout our web, we hear often how we have provided lifestyle platforms that touch all the senses while being both approachable and affordable.  One aspect of our mission is to provide space within our store where meaningful dialogue can take place regarding all our journeys through life.

Kindness — (def) — the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

We see or hear about kindness all the time. Sometimes random and sometimes not. The more kindness we share, the better our world can be. Kindness can be small or huge. Kindness can be simple or complex. Sometimes kindness can be a small smile or a non action or even a whisper. Kindness is something we all can share without any strings, constraints or fear.  Kindness can connect us as people.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this and let us know about the kindness you experience in your daily lives. Kindness… a good news topic that can touch happiness.

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