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Our History

Launched in 1985 in Rocky River, Ohio, our brand Paysage had evolved to encompass every aspect of our guests lives. Initially, we displayed a french country style. In the nineties, we added an east side Cleveland shop and then consolidated our Ohio operations in a beautiful remodeled property in Cleveland Heights. Now, after 30+ years, we are home again at our current Rocky River location, Maison Maison.

You can expect to find the best from vintage finds, upholstery, furniture, interior design elements, personal gifts and design services.

Located in the Old River Shopping District (19126 Old Detroit Rd), we take pride in hosting you  in our largest shop ever. Stop in and see us, we promise to amaze and provide you a product and experience that you won’t soon forget.

Proud and blessed • Experience the feeling

Meet The Maison Maison Family
Richard Marquard

Whether Richard is at the ballpark or strolling the metro parks with his dog Ellie, he will always be found with a big, welcoming smile at the Maison Maison door. Being from Rocky River, he is one of the original co-founders of Maison Maison Interiors. Richard’s knack for marketing and business is one of the keen reasons why Maison Maison is so successful in creating beautiful designs for their clients. His dedication to bringing clients a better way of life is one of the core foundations of our “WHY” statement.

Jane Marquard
Head Designer, Co-Founder

With years of experience under her belt, Jane brings a sophisticated and classical design talent to Maison Maison. She has a way with mixing and matching various design resources to fit every individual client’s needs. Time and time again, she proves how getting the design right the first time is what drives an individual to keep performing better. No matter what you are remodeling in your home, Jane will put something together that makes you love that place even more than you already do.

Jesse Marquard
Creative Director

Our Creative Director, Jesse, brings a new knowledge of the interior design industry to Maison Maison. He has a certain artistic flair which is very refreshing for Maison Maison. Within the family he is the younger talent, but don’t let that fool you into thinking he can not perform to his best ability. Customers can attest that Jesse is always very confident in aiding families to find the perfect products that satisfy every need in their homes. Being a man full of love, trust and dependability, you can always find Jesse putting others before himself.

Michele Ahern

Michele has been passionate about design her entire life. This led her to begin a career in Marketing and Sales Promotion with the company American Greetings. From there, she holds a wide range of experience in many of Chicago’s top Luxury Design Showrooms. Michele believes that your home should reflect yourself and tell the story of your life. She even goes further by stating, “I can sell you a beautiful bowl, but then I want you to fill it with shells or sea glass from your trips to the beach”, make it your own. She loves helping clients transform a room in their house into their very favorite room. Michele is a native of Rocky River and is happy to be home and help Maison Maison customers create the room of their dreams.

Chloe Hilton

With a degree in Merchandise Product Development from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Chloe has a very diverse work background ranging from fashion to beauty to even entrepreneurship endeavors. Chloe knows how to successfully navigate a small family run business as she previously worked at her own family’s store. Her background in apparel manufacturing allows her here at Maison Maison to manage all the design aspects of client projects, from the initial meeting with Jane to their final installation. Chloe loves this role, she thrives on figuring out how to connect with the clients in order to provide them with the design of their dreams. Whether a client is looking for something specific for a room or just browsing the store, she likes to make people happy and feel successful in their journey.


Maison Maison strives to be the leading, most respected purveyor of homewares and interior design services. Within an amazing platform, we bring to market a portfolio of products and services partnering with the most outstanding creatives on the planet.